Motivational Speaking & Training

“James A. Smith is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I know. He is knowledgeable on the subject of leadership. More importantly, I have seen his leadership in action and his words are authentic. He is a great encourager and offers great ideas that can be easily put into practice” – Jennifer Passmore, Director,Woodland Early Childhood Center.

For your next event, book James and benefit from a motivational, passionate, and entertaining experience.


Personal Coaching

“James,I feel like you are my personal cheerleader in life. You are a great listener; like the rest of the world just goes away while you are listening to me and coaching me. I know that there is not a judgmental bone in your body. I could tell you anything I have ever done or thought and I know you do not judge me. Yet at the same time you are very honest and hold me accountable.” – Krista T.