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I Was Born to Win: How to Think It, Say It, Believe It, & Live It!

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This bookimmediately reaches deep within your heart and soul to expose the winner inside of you. Through his down-to-earth writing style and teaching methods – Speaker and Author James A. Smith uses this book as a mirror reflecting to you , “I Was Born to Win.”

He shows you how he went from a miserable life full of addictions and empty of purpose, to a thriving life full of hope, joy, peace, and happiness. Whether you’re challenged with addictions, relationships, purpose, depression, or simply stuck in a rut, his strategies will assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

James lays out, in detail, a way to achieve your desires.

Choose this day to no longer accept mediocrity. Breathe more life into the ambitions, talents, dreams, and potential that lie dormant within you. The world is waiting for your debut, your book, your song, your dance, and your encore. I Was Born to Win shows you how – starting today!

11 reviews for Book – I WAS BORN TO WIN

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    Lora Lynn Henderson (verified owner)

    In response to the book, I Born to Win by James A. Smith, I’d have to say it not only changed my life, but saved it. Paired with personal coaching, James helped me out of the funk I had fallen into. After a couple years struggling with life, even with God, I was in an isolated place within my own mind. My doctor said I was dying and I didn’t really care. I had lost my will to live. James must have sensed this when we spoke. He gave me assignments and asked so many questions as we walked through the book together. For example, to set goals one needs to have desires. I couldn’t see any, felt I had none. He helped me see. Also, the words, the assignments, all helped me realize I could work through my pain in a positive way.
    This is a must-read to everyone, not just those who are struggling with life. I’d recommend reading more than once.
    Thank-you James.

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    Krista Tidey

    “I Was Born To Win” is clearly God inspired and written in a manner for anyone ranging from young adolescence to the elderly to understand and apply to daily living. It is appealing to the secular population as well as Christian readers. James won my heart by dedicating it to his two most important women; his mother and daughter, then, humbly gave all the credit to God and the folks in his acknowledgements. My two favorite chapters are “The Value of Giving” and “Paradigm Shifts”. Love really does cover a multitude of sins and is good for the heart. Having the ability to see life through another’s window is essential for growth and development. James uses many people’s lives, including his own to make his points and present his information. He has a profound, unique way of explaining what seems like the most complex concepts into simple layman terms. And then makes it exciting at the same time. He has the ability to make the murkiest water crystal clear. I read his book in two days. It made me laugh, cry, and think. Most importantly, it motivated me to put his strategies to work. Whether you are tired of losing and want to win, or already winning and want to win more, this book is a priceless tool. Thank you James for your insight, Godly wisdom, and unique gift to inspire myself and others who will read your book! Sincerely, Krista Tidey

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    Tim Passmore

    I don’t know anyone more passionate about life than James A. Smith.  He has an awesome desire to help others live up to their full potential.  I appreciate his encouraging spirit and his dedication to personal growth.  He’s a Winner! – Dr. Tim Passmore, Pastor of
    Woodland – The Community Church in Bradenton, FL

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    Bryan Flanagan

    If you embrace the philosophy that ‘you never graduate from learning’ then you’ll embrace James Smith’s book I Was Born to Win! By applying James’ principles on growing from the inside and giving from the inside, you will learn how to live life to the fullest! His chapter on ‘Pain for the Proper Purpose is Productive’ is a must read for any of us who face life’s challenges.
    – Bryan Flanagan, Director of Training, Zig Ziglar Corporation

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    Gary Salyers

    It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to read ‘I Was Born to Win’. Knowing James Smith personally, this book is an accurate portrayal of his philosophy of life, his plan for success and his spiritual outlook. It made me think, reflect, laugh and cry. The ideas, concepts and suggestions could be life changing. I would recommend it to anyone experiencing the journey of life. – Gary Salyers – Bradenton, FL.

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    Chip Powell

    James – Thank for your work on writing a book that clearly defines what true success looks like as well as offering understandable strategies for achieving it. After reading it I am certain of two things. First, that it will benefit all who take the time to read it and second, if it was written by one of today’s more recognized authors it would quickly move up the best seller list. Thanks for encouraging all of us to go out and ‘knock ’em alive’ – Chip Powell, Bradenton, FL.

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    Billy Tullos

    I approached the reading of the book with a large dose of scepticism as the whole concept seemed to be just another self-help book based on everyone reaching their highest potential as humans. The book is so much more than that! It connects the reader to the only source available for a life of meaning, relevance and joy. It is well written and enjoyable to read while being profound in its message of God being the power of everyone who is truly a ‘winner’. – Billy Tullos, Bradenton, Fl.

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    Michael Schwambach

    In his book I Was Born to Win, James A. Smith encourages us with practical steps to winning effectively. As you read this insightful and enjoyable book, reflect on how these principles are truly relevant to your life. Then take purposeful action! – Michael Schwambach, Chief Solutions Officer, Schwambach Performance Engineering, Incorporated. Ocala, FL.

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    Linda Klein

    This is a superb book. I started reading and could not stop reading after the first chapter. It’s not just a “read-only” book As you reflect on different areas of your life the key changes to help you in your life. You have done a great job on this book.
    I would recommend anyone to read this wonderful book. – Linda Klein

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    Lou Sansevero

    The book is a definite read for anyone who loves inspirational, positive literature that makes one stop and take stock of their lives. It has the ability to move one forward when stuck in a rut, and to push those who are already on a great path even further. Young or old, there is
    something for everyone in this fine book. James captures the essence of our being, LOVE, and shows us a path that takes us down a road of fulfillment while also bring us to our W.I.S.H.L.I.S.T (You’ll have to read the book to see the meaning) without chasing after it. Highly motivational and recommended reading. My congratulations to James for this brave work and I look forward to his future works. – Lou Sansevero

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    Cindy Totty

    I just wanted to tell you that I went to Virginia to visit my daughter and my parents the first week of August and I gave my book to my daughter. She is reading it and is really into it. I thought that was awesome, because that usually doesn’t happen with her where she finds a book that holds her attention. She looks great. She has gained her weight back and I can tell her attitude about things are changing. I know she has a long way to go, but I really think your book is inspiring her to be a better person. I have praised this book to several people and they have bought copies. I really didn’t know that I would be marketing your book, I think its kind of funny. Anyway, I thought I share that with you. Thanks. 🙂 Cindy Totty

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