Manny On Main – Honoring A Homeless Veteran

Emanuel “Manny” Fluker, December 17,1944 – September 5,2021

Homeless Veterans

Because Manny was a Veteran he received a Military Honor Service, and was laid to rest at the Sarasota National Cemetery.

Manny’s ashes were escorted by the Bradenton Police Department! Urn was provided by Browns & Sons Funeral Home and delivery by Groover Funeral Home.

Funeral service was at the American Legion. Special thanks to Sandy Gessler from the American Legion, Bradenton Mayor Gene Brown, Department of Florida American Legion, Sherriff Department of Manatee, Sherriff Department of Sarasota, Bradenton Police Officers.

Manny was loved by many. He was homeless 45 years. Him and I became great friends. When Manny learned I planned to talk about Homelessness and Veterans on my upcoming new talk show, he was not only interested in being involved – him and I agreed the segments would be entitled “Manny On Main”. You can subscribe to the show here.

10 thoughts on “Manny On Main – Honoring A Homeless Veteran”

  1. Thank you for honoring my father 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️

    1. I miss Manny big time. I’m still working on creating a documentary or podcast about our experience. It will be called “Manny On Main”

  2. I have never met Manny but I can feel the love and thoughts you all have shared here and I will help keep his memory as a forgotten veteran who survived and endured so much pain and suffering but had the power of his positive attitude and smile even in the worst possible conditions. We should fix this now !!!

  3. Manny will be missed by all the Facebook friends shared by James as they journeyed through Florida having a wonderful time. It’s good to be obedient for for never know what angels we entertain on earth. Manny thank you for your service and now take flight! RIP!

    1. Amen Linda. The beauty is – Manny and I purposely filmed lots of footage in order to promote homeless awareness, so his legacy will help many others!

  4. Thank you all so much…
    I’m Emanuel son. Really from my heart. I tried so hard to get him to Miami with me.

    1. Dennard,

      You’re very welcome. I am looking forward to meeting you. I will email you my number. Can you please call me?

      Manny’s legend will help many others in the future!

      James A. Smith

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