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Book-autographed – I WAS BORN TO WIN


I Was Born to Win (autographed): How to Think It, Say It, Believe It, & Live It!

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Donations for an autographed purchase of book, I Was Born To Win helps us fund free and discounted books, coaching and seminars. Thanks for your support!

This book¬†immediately reaches deep within your heart and soul to expose the winner inside of you. Through his down-to-earth writing style and teaching methods – Speaker and Author James A. Smith uses this book as a mirror reflecting to you , “I Was Born to Win.”

He shows you how he went from a miserable life full of addictions and empty of purpose, to a thriving life full of hope, joy, peace, and happiness. Whether you’re challenged with addictions, relationships, purpose, depression, or simply stuck in a rut, his strategies¬†will assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

James lays out, in detail, a way to achieve your desires.

Choose this day to no longer accept mediocrity. Breathe more life into the ambitions, talents, dreams, and potential that lie dormant within you. The world is waiting for your debut, your book, your song, your dance, and your encore. I Was Born to Win shows you how – starting today!


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