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James A. Smith is a perfect opening motivational keynote speaker to establish an excited tone for your entire event. Or as a closing inspirational speaker he will reinforce the message as your team heads back to work with more focus and passion.

For your next event, book James and benefit from a motivational, passionate, and humorous experience.



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Keynote  * Conferences * Workshops * Coaching * Seminars * Training

Business – Schools – Churches – Small Groups – Individuals

Tailor made services are available from keynote speeches to weekly training workshops. Last minute or backup arrangements are also available. Here are just a few of the speeches and topics available by James:

Winning Life’s Struggles – self-image, relationships, communication, inner growth, personality, purpose, forgiveness, habits, change, strategies, goals, sales, marketing, responsibility, achievement, spirituality.

3 hour workshop designed to promote inner growth through self-image, individual value, personality profiling, identifying specific strengths, and passion for purpose.

6 hour course adds: facing and gaining from pain or fears, focus vs. desires, goal setting and achievement, positive habit creation, and gauging efforts and results.

I’ll catch ’em, You clean ’em – teamwork, communication, focus, strengths, personality, sales, marketing.

The difference between you and me – personality, strengths, purpose, communication, forgiveness, teamwork, focus, behavior, sales, marketing.

These are funny, entertaining, and highly effective seminars on personality differences and individual strengths.

Learn strategies for effectively identifying and communicating with other personalities.

Learn why you do what you do and how to capitalize on specific personality traits. 1 to 4 hour workshops.

You must sell in order to sell – sales, marketing, training, communication, managing, teamwork, closing.

Learn the strategies that helped James make a million dollars selling vacuum cleaners, door to door.

Learn how he went from a starving salesperson to breaking records.

Learn the value of a salesperson, the complete sales process from beginning to end, and your purpose as a sales professional. 3 to 12 hour seminars.